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Airlines terror plot disrupted (news)

Day 1.

As we arrived to the airport in Duesseldorf Weeze the mood was perfect, excited, but instead waiting, first half an hour. After waiting the half an hour the announcement “do to the actual happening the flight will be delayed to an unknown time.
Now the mood was not that good. We didn’t know anything because we didn´t hear anything. I decided to go online to get more information.

Following news appeared ”TERROR TARGET LONDON; THEY WANTED MASS MURDER ON TEN YETS”. We were thinking about cancelling the flight, but we didn’t.
Four hours later the announcing was given.
The flight from London is on the way an we decided to take the trip to London.

As a sat in me seat the mood was really excited. Would we come to London or would something happened.
There where young stewards and they have had a long time on the flight and made a lot of jokes. I found a shoe near my seat, wondering what they really did that time. But anyway.

The stewards helped really to get the mood again normal.
The flight took round about fifty minutes and the landing was also not that good, by arriving to the Standsted airport the plane jumped on the field. A young lady went to the restroom and had not that good time there. I spoked to other germans and they agreed with me with the same sentences what got come worse than that.
After arriving in the airport “chaos”. Some many people from all over waiting to get to London City. But it was not so bad as Heathrow. Thank god.

Then we took the bus “Terravision”. The bus driver was very tired, he was singing and swearing to other drivers to keep himself awake.

Arriving after seventy minutes at Victoria Station we tried to find the best way to get to the hotel in Paddington. Our hotel was on Sussex gardens.
On this street were only hotels. We had a tree stars hotel, not the same as three stars in Germany, that we know now.

But as I live in a big city the loudness was not that worse.
The location of the hotel was perfect, 10 minutes by tube to London city and 2 minutes to Paddington city, nearby was the Kensington park and Hyde park, both parks is a must to see.
I though that London would be stressy but instead all people where relaxt and friendly.

Our first trip took us to the Hyde park, Hyde park corner and then to
“The Wellington Arch”. London´s famous landmark at Hyde Park Corner.

After the walk we felt hunger, so we took a walk to the Hard Rock Cafe´.
The first Hard Rock Cafe (“The Original”). The Hard Rock Cafe has been standing on Old Park Lane in London since 1971.Shown in the window was a sign (no drugs and nuclear weapons allowed inside).

I met at the Hard Rock Cafe a really cute young waitress, the was speaking so good English so I was impress as she told that she came from Germany.

The next walk took us to the Piccadilly circus. Piccadilly circus was build 1819 with crossing the elegant Regent Street. At Piccadilly circus several young people are making music and some (sitting every day there) prays about the lord jesus.

Day 2.

On the next day we went first to the victory station to buy underground tickets and the London Pass. Overall the price of the Underground ticket was 9.80 £ for two. The ticket is for Zone 1-4. all Zones 1-6 costs 15.80£.

The first stop was at Victory Palace. A cross from the victory station.
Our next stop was at “Cathedral of Westminster”. Only one bell is inside this 84 meter high tower. Attention Spotters: No pictures possible to make.

The next stop was at “The Albert Restaurant”, the oldest Restaurant in London.

Next pictures was made at the Parlament at West End.
We photographed the Big Ben and as well the Westminster Abbey, attention those who want to visit the Westminster Abbey, you have to pay 10£ to get inside.

The next stop was at the Eye of London. One amazing view. Opened on the 1st February 2000. It took seven years and hundreds of people from across Europe to create the worlds largest observation wheel.
Weighting 1,900 tonnes, the wheel has a circumference of 1,392 feet (424 meter) and it takes 30 minutes to complete a revolution.

After that we made a trip on the Thames with an hop-on-hop-off tour with the Catamaran Cruises. See the fantastic sights of London using the river travel.

On the river travel you see for example the Queen Mary, the Milleminum Bridge,the Blackfriars Brigde and the St. Pauls Cathedral.
As our nice traveller guide would say; “As we walk on slightly further...”;
we stopped at the tower bridge.

While leaving the Boat to Tower Bridge we saw the Ship “HMS Belfast”. Launched in 1938 the HMS Belfast was one of the most powerful light cruises ever build She was active in the Second World War and today she is a floating museum.

Back to the Tower Bridge. The Tower Bridge has stood over the river Thames in London since 1894 and is one of the finest, most recognisable bridges in the world.

Near the Tower Bridge the Tower of London. (more about the Tower to come...

As we go slightly further in the city we stopped at the St. Paul’s Cathedral made by Sir Christopher Wrens. Today, St. Paul’s is an important feature of the London skyline. Its Dome is the third largest in the world and the cross which surmounts it is some 366 feet (111 meter) above street level. It takes ... steps high to get up the first level of the Dome.
Attention Spotters, No pictures are allowed to make inside.

The thinnest house is a few steps away from the cathedral, its called the Ye olde cock tavern.

As we walked slightly feather we came to the ... Court.

Our next walk took us to the Trafalgar Square. On the Trafalgar Square rises a 44 meter high monument. Nelsons Column, the square’s centre piece, is one of the capitals most famous landmark.
Today the Trafalgar square is the main hub of central London.
On that evening there was a festival with a lot of colours and Indish music.

After this visit we took the bus to the hotel.

Day 3.

We started on the catamaran cruise to the Shakespeare globe. As we arrived it rained so much, but we made the exhibition to see the globe were also the film “Shakespeare in love and Romeo and Juliet” was filmed. But unfurtuatly we missed the exhibition so we had the chance to took a tour through the area. At this guide we saw the first globe in Shakespeare time “The Rose”. Also the last Ferryman’s Seat-the Ferryman’s Seat was located on previous buildings at the right site of the Thames, it was constructed for the convenience of Bankside watermen, who operated ferrying services across the river. The seats age is unknown, but it is thought to have ancient origins.

After that we took the catamaran cruise to Greenwich. The fist sightseen is the ship “Cutty Sark.
Again hunger, we stayed in a local pub and eat fresh baked pie.
Really delicious.

After that short break we went to the Greenwich Market. Several stands with several things.
Our next stop was at the National Maritime Museum. Attention Spotters again not possible to take pictures inside. Take photos with the mobile.
That’ll work.

The next photo we made at the London Bridge. We went after that to the Monument it possible to visit the top of the Monument.

After that we went to the Buckingham Palace. Several Guides were at the Buckingham Palace fully armed. In the evening we went to the pub to get a cooled beer, the London Pride. A taste not to describe. The pub is called Bag O´Nails Unfortunately we took the wrong bus in the wrong direction, so we came not to Paddington, instead we came to ....
View minutes later we came to Paddington and the hotel.

Day 4.

Because of that we missed the tour of the Shakespeare Exhibition we went to the Museum to take the tour into the Globe. The globe was build shortly. The first globe was build in 1588 and then a fire caused that the globe had to be build again. The newest globe is also seen in a view films from Shakespeare in love and Romeo and Juliet.

The next trip and photo was to the pub in memory of Sir Nelson.
We took the tube to Chelsea to see the Stadium of Chelsea.
Our guide “Tony” took us to the stadium and to the locker rooms and showed us the pitch. Remember keep off the pitch.

Now the days to German players play at Chelsea.
Its Robert Huth and Michael Ballack.

After this sport activity we thought of visiting Wimbledon.
At Wimbledon you can discover the history of tennis, how it came to sport tennis and so on.

As we go slightly further we went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum.
In that museum you can go back in time to see how Sherlock Holmes lived and searched Jack the Ripper.

This night we made a Jack the Ripper tour with a guide. The guide showed a lot of pictures and had stories that were really interesting and you could feel yourself in that time, Jack the Ripper was living.
As well had we the chance to see the oldest pub in London. It was build in 1666. Its called the ten bells.

After that we went to the Thames and saw the City of London Skyline by night, such a good few. I took really nice pictures and decided to take the bus to the Parlament to make there more pictures.

Day 5.

The next day and last day we tryed to get inside the Madame Tussauds Museum but the waiting time was to much and the price was to much so we decided to make only a picture and then left to a local book store with chance of eating a little bit. We had the last chance to get up to the Tower Bridge. By walking to the Engine Room we saw a film company witch where making a music film. After making a few picture we went into the Engine Room.

After that we went to the Piccadilly Circus to see a musical. We decided to see Guys and Dolls. With Kelly Price and Patrick Swayze.

The last day we took a walk into the Hyde Park and had a wonderful time before the bus trip. It was a stressy bus trip to the airport.
We drove 4 hours before the flight departed. We were lucky to came so early because again thousands of people waiting for there flight.
Because of some souvenirs we came on time to the plane and flue back to germany. On the flight we were tired of all the stress that we had been through.

But i decided that this is not the last time that I would fly again to London. There is still more to see and discover.

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